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Trademark swissstandards.pl

swissstandards.pl is a collective trademark that was created to promote Swiss standards of quality and business conduct in Poland. The foundation of swissstandards.pl is based on three values: excellence, reliability and innovation.

Benefits for companies – Make yourself known as a Swiss company!

The Polish-Swiss Chamber has developed the swissstandards.pl label to strengthen the market position of its member companies.
In the eyes of Poles, Switzerland enjoys an excellent reputation and Swiss products are distinguished by their high quality and reliability. By using the swissstandards.pl mark, you emphasise the Swiss origin of your company and can thus benefit from the positive image of Switzerland in the promotion of your products and services.

Where can the logo be placed?

Swissstandards.pl can be used in corporate and marketing communications. Protection extends to services, including maintenance, installation and distribution services. Protection of the swissstandards.pl mark does not extend to use on products.


Who can apply for the swissstandards.pl label?

Swiss or Polish companies with Swiss capital may apply for the label.

Regulations swissstandards.pl

If you are interested in using the swissstandards.pl logo, please contact the Chamber Office: swisschamber@swisschamber.pl, Tel. (22) 322 76 25