Chamber of Commerce

How neurology changes our attitude towards Employer Branding?

07.04.2016, 09:00 - 11:30


We would like to invite you to a breakfast meeting How neurology changes our attitude towards Employer Branding? The content partner of the meeting is the company Piasecka&Żylewicz.

Employer Branding has become extremely popular. Given the fact that almost each organisation has specialists on this matter, only the best cooperation offers may attract new talents. Today neurology enables us to have a direct contact with the motivation centre of each person, namely with their brain. Thanks to advanced tools, we don’t need to build complicated plans on the basis of declarations of a specific person, but we can take into account their real emotional needs.

Experts from Piasecka & Żylewicz Selective Training together with Neurohm have interviewed the best salesmen of a big organization, listening to what motivates them, which company they look for as a partner for a daily work and why they achieve great results. Results were surprising and conclusions drawn from them can change the way in which Employer Branding is conducted.

We would like to invite specialists from HR, PR and Sales from member companies to an interactive workshop  with Maciej Żylewicz. For more information please see the invitation below.