Chamber of Commerce

Swiss Business Directory Poland 2015/2016

26.01.2015, 09:00 - 17:00


Swiss Business Directory Poland 2015/2016 is one of the most important publications of the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce. It is issued every two years in cooperation with the Embassy of Switzerland and Swiss Business Hub Poland. It is a prestigious catalogue providing a full overview of companies on the Swiss-Polish market.

The Swiss Business Directory Poland is one of the most effective ways of advertising allowing you to get your customers interested in your company’s offer and to enhance your brand image.

As we are finishing the preparation of the catalogue, it is the last chance to join the excellent company of Swiss firms and place your advertisement.

Contact: Katarzyna Kołowiecka kk@swisschamber.pl / 22-322-76-25

So far the following companies have decided to place their advertisement in the catalogue: