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Thematic workshops

Go on a journey… Right now!

We all miss the possibility to travel, to meet and interact with other people, don’t we? Our frequent chats over coffee and networking opportunities were replaced by remote working and cold online communication.

Today we are all asking ourselves how to maintain our existing business relationships, establish new ones, and take care of our employees’ well-being.

At Balajcza, we stay in touch with our customers by organizing meetings and thematic online workshops* conducted by our trainers. Together, we discover language curiosities, different parts of the world, cultures, traditions, and even dishes. From a business perspective, we also explore cultural differences and the secrets of successful relations in an international team.

We also organize such workshops for other companies.

If you are seeking to strengthen relationships with your clients or employees during Christmas time, this offer is just for you!

Not only will the participants have a great time during the meeting, but they will also acquire cultural knowledge, which is useful in business, especially in international companies.

In the following weeks, we would like to offer you a special workshop that will bring the spirit of Christmas to your workplace. We will visit different parts of the world and have a look at local Christmas traditions and customs, and even smell the aroma of Christmas specialities.

Journeys bring people together, even if they are only imaginary journeys.

Contact us for more information:

Iwona Bułacz – Customer Service Manager

Tel.: 22 643 47 94 98
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*The workshop will take place on Zoom and last approx. 1 hour (or more, if needed).