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BALAJCZA Linguistic Services

Balajcza, a linguistic company, supports its clients in conducting international business – it offers translation of documents (including certified translation) and interpreting for conferences and business meetings. Balajcza specialises in industries such as finance, law, technology, medicine and marketing. And the translations can be prepared in any language combination.

As the company’s mission is to promote intercultural understanding, its offer also includes language courses and online workshops/meetings about language and cultural differences in business.

Balajcza operates on the Polish and international market, cooperating with over 1.500 translators worldwide.


Country: Poland
Voivodeship: mazowieckie
Postal Code: 02-860
City: Warsaw
Street: ul. Kotylion 2
phone: +48 22 643 47 94
e-mail: balajcza@balajcza.pl
www: www.balajcza.pl/en
industry: EN - Translation