Chamber of Commerce

Pasja Grupa Dobrych Trenerów J. Lewandowski P. Lewandowska sp.j.

PASJA Grupa Dobrych Trenerów is a training company, executing trainings on sales, management, customer service, HR, team-building, merchandising and consulting. Our team consists of ICF and ICC coaches.  We support the development of small and medium-sized companies, and multicultural corporations. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and the opportunity to contribute to the customer’s success is the highest award for us.

Country: Poland
Voivodeship: mazowieckie
Postal Code: 02-344
City: Warsaw
Street: Częstochowska 7/9 m 32
phone: +48 603 465 886
e-mail: info@pasja.edu.pl
www: www.pasja.edu.pl
industry: EN - Legal Consultancy