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About Foundation

The foundation’s team is largely made up of people with extensive experience in the IT industry and even greater sensitivity to the world around us. This connection resulted in the need to share knowledge and available resources with people for whom such help may mean the only chance to overcome social exclusion, poverty and pathological environments.

The world has changed in recent months. Our foundation has also changed. Seeing the drama of our friends in Ukraine unfolding just outside Poland, we decided to expand our activities and direct our resources also to humanitarian aid for our closest neighbours.

Our Mission

We help people in a difficult social situation, at risk of social and educational exclusion, but also people in a health and life threatening situation. We act HERE and NOW, ensuring  that our support has a long-term potential.

Our Vision

The world in our vision is such a one where people can do more together and they actually do it!


Aukcja charytatywna słynnego znaczka “Rosyjski okręcie wojenny….” – dołącz do aukcji i wspieraj Ukrainę.
Life Corner. Shelters for war victims in Ukraine.
Ponad 7 ton żywności dla dzieci od firmy Nestlé oraz 2 palety artykułów medycznych dla szpitali
warM Ukraine. Power generators for hospitals